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Photo Pioto the mad photographer just the happy snapper, snaps just about enything that's Pioto. Photography should be fun.
Photo Pioto
Photography has many uses for business, science, art and pleasure. These photos are just for fun of it - means strictly pleasure.


Photographers Cameras and Photo Pioto Happy

Photographers control the camera and lens to "expose" the light recording material (such as film) to the required amount of light to form a "latent image" (on film) or "raw file" (in digital cameras) blah blah blah.... Photographers may do that, me just the other way around camera controls me I just push the button. Pioto

Cameras Which One?


What camera to buy hmm... I got simple answer it will save you a lot of time reading all the technical jargon no one understands, stick to this brands Canon EOS 550D, Nikon SLR D90, Olympus E620, Pentax K-7, Sony a550 and you can't go wrong all of it a good cameras if you after top of the amateur cameras EOS 5D MARK II is to go, or canon 7D, Sony a900 is as good but I think is too expensive for what it is. New models come out in March 2012: Nikon D800 and Canon 5D mark III. At the moment those two are the best cameras on the market.

EOS 550D  Nikon D90  Olympus E620  Sony a550  Pentax K-7
Fujifilm FinePix F800EXR  PowerShot SX260  Nikon Coolpix S9100  Sony Cyber-shot WX10  Panasonic Lumix TZ40  Samsung NX200  This is Photo Pioto tip to buy a camera.Pioto You don't have to read the entire technical crap just buy any of the cameras mention on this site and you can't go wrong.
That's all fine for DSLR cameras, but what if you want a small camera, and why not, you can get excellent compact cameras (point and shoot). One of the better ones will be: Fujifilm FinePix F800EXR, Canon PowerShot SX260 HS ,PowerShot S110, PowerShot G15, Powershot G1 X, Nikon Coolpix S9100, Coolpix P300, Sony Cyber-shot WX10, Sony NEX-7, Cyber-Shot TX20, Panasonic Lumix TZ40, Lumix DMC-LX7, Lumix GX1, Samsung NX200.

Taking photos

Just don't tell anyone Anyone can take good photos with any camera, if you practice enough. Try take your photos in the mornings and evenings, use tripod whenever you can, and keep taking those photos in time you we'll see the different. Always have your camera with you, don't seat at home go out as often as you can. Parks are excellent to practice and take fantastic shots.


Looking for a tips how to take perfect photos just enter "photo tips" in the search box above and you'll find hundreds of tips, tricks, techniques, and tutorials from professional and amateur photographers. You have to be prepare to take hundreds of photos of the same object with all different manual setups waste a lot of time in front of the computer and that's haw you'll learn, if you won't do that you'll be wasting time reading all the tips on the net. Pioto

    Three manual shooting modes in the camera:
  1. Manual mode; this mode gives you full control of the camera
  2. AV mode; in this mode you control two settings ISO and aperture, shutter speed on auto.
  3. TV mode; in this mode you control exposure, ISO and shutter on auto.
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Control exposure

You can control exposure with the shutter speed, or change the aperture (f-number). Higher f-number will give you darker photo, the same with shutter. You can play with both settings to get the effect you satisfied with, correct exposure should be zero on the meter.



Birds Photography. Photo Pioto Suggestions

  • Birds mostly photographed from a distance, so a telephoto lens is essential. If you have a fast DSLR and a 300 or even 400 mm lens you are in business.
  • Tripods or monopods are very handy and you should have one.
  • An aperture around f/4 or f/6.3 should give a blurred background
  • High shutter speeds is essential to bird photography - somewhere around of 1/800 - 1/1600 sec will do but higher will be better.
  • Set your ISO around 800 depends on your camera with my canon D5markIII I can go higher than that, but to avoid excessive noise and loss of detail you can't really go to high.
  • Your autofocus mode should be set to "continuous auto focus" so your camera will continually make adjustments as your subject moves.
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